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I won a fully paid trip to China for 30 days with a friend! Learn How!

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Yup that is me bungee jumping off the worlds biggest bungee jump in China. A mere 233 meters height. You know those contests that sound like they can’t possibly be real? The ones where they say they’ll fly you and a friend to a foreign country for 30 days with $7,500 dollars of spending money? And on top of that, they say they’ll start your adventure in…

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Rebels Gather At The Last Free Place on Earth

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“If you think about falling, you will fall. If you get scared, you will fall. You need to notice how good that webbing feels on your bare feet as you walk across the line and embrace the exposure and fear that comes with it. Don’t fight it, enjoy it, and cherish this present moment.”  – Anonymous Participant  This was exactly what I heard moments before…

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Why I Can’t Remember My #1 Reason For Success

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I’ve said it before—whenever you succeed, it’s not entirely because of you. Anything great you do has been co-created by the generous community that has taken you in, put in a good word for you, or donated their time and expertise. This holiday season, I would like to take a moment to reflect on my biggest reason for success…but the thing is, I don’t even…

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I Live To Work, And Here’s Why You Should Too

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What is happiness? That is a question we all strive to answer. Many say the definition of happiness is different for each person. I disagree. Happiness is pretty simple and has been for years. The same principles apply for every single being on this planet. It is biologically engrained in us. It is why we continue to strive for more and continue to push the…

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