Professional, Experienced Keynote Speaker 

“You were the one that actually inspired me with your steps: dream it, believe it, do it. I really think I can make it to college and start a little business around high school. Thank you for coming!”

Julie Rodriguez 

“I can’t thank you enough!!! I have printed your email out and I am going to do EVERYTHING that you suggested beginning right away.  Listening to how you attack goals has inspired me so much and without getting to cheesy or anything – it has been a call to action for me.”

Brad Clayton, Founder & CEO of Entrepreneur Uncovered 

“Todd’s seminar was both very informative and humorous. He taught me a lot of things I didn’t know… like how you could get a $100,000 scholarship with a  3.5 GPA and good SAT scores.”

Julia Wahl –  Phoenix, AZ

Keynote Speeches

Todd’s keynote speeches central theme is on SMART goal development and accountability. To get a better idea of what Todd stands for and if he would be a good fit for your audience listen to the podcast he was featured on in Entrepreneur Uncovered by clicking here.

5-minute speech during a 500+ person event he co-founded

Self-efficacy & goal development speech at Queen Creek High School

High School College Success Workshop [1 hour]

In this 40 minute inspirational keynote speech, Todd explains in an motivational and humorous way how he has built a life where he does “what he wants when he wants” and how each student can too!  

This is followed by a 20 minute workshop on goal development and the importance of doing well academically in high school to turn theory into practice. Todd gives students actionable steps to take immediately to see significant academic improvement, maximize their scholarship potential, and help them get into college. 

Designed for 9th -12th Grade Students  

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Become a Beast at Work & a Hero at Home [1 hour]

In this 40 minute keynote speech, Todd explains in an motivational and humorous way how he has built a life where he does “what he wants when he wants” and how you can to!

This is followed by a 20 minute workshop to turn theory into practice. Todd provides actionable steps you can take to leverage a few simple mind-hacks and techie tricks to make more money and create stress free time with family pulling upon basic principles as seen in The Road Less Traveled, Getting Things Done, and The Identity Code.

Designed for Corporate Teams 

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Self Efficacy Speech [1 hour]

How much do you believe in your ability to complete task and reach goals? Do you think you can create a million dollar venture, complete an Ironman, rock climb up a 2000 foot face?

If not, why not? Someone has to do it so why not you?

Todd talks about his 5 lofty goals that he plans to achieve before the age of 30, the progress he has made thus far, and the steps he continues to take to build his self-efficacy and reach his goals.

This speech is 60 minutes and provides practical advice with specific actionable steps that can be applied to see an immediate boost in confidence, productivity, and work ethic.   

Designed for College Students & Corporate Teams

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Customized Keynote Speech [length per request]

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Having traveled to over 33 countries, consulted for million-dollar tech start-ups, founded multiple successful companies, and more, Todd has a wide range of experience that belies his age. Sociable and outgoing, Todd has friends of all walks of life from rock climbing diehards, to circus hippies, to entrepreneurs and corporate businessmen, to attorneys, to international travelers, and everything in between.

He is sure to relate to your audience and deliver an informative, practical, and engaging speech.

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